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    The problem: So you want to save the world? How about start at home. It started with anxiety but today, it’s our lifestyle. Science has long told us that clutter and chaos can add onto daily stress. What you do and see every day will determine how you feel every day. The big problem with your basic retail store is that it’s made for the masses so it’s easily available, just like junk food.

    The solution: A home detox. We started Decor Diary with 1 goal in mind: Personalizing decor to soothe people internally. Changing your whole house at once can seem overwhelming, but getting little things that make you feel better is simple. Starting small means that the sky is the limit.

    The downside: Shipping times are a little longer (usually 10 – 20 days).

    The upside: Huge savings & 5★ quality products  & 100% money back guarantee.

    Our secret: We ship directly from the top factories on the planet, and pass the savings onto you. We negotiate with suppliers to give us the best rates so we can keep running this store and offering amazing products at discounts prices. 



    Home decor by day, mental health advocate by night. We share inspiring stories and raise awareness on social media because we believe #mentalhealthishealth.

    We’re saving and it’s for a good cause. For each sale that we make, we’re donating $1 for a youth group therapy program that we will launch this upcoming Fall 2019. Teenagers and young adults suffering from mental health challenges like addiction and depression will get the opportunity to work with accredited mental health professionals in Toronto for free.

    -  QUESTIONS?  -

    Shoot us an email and we'll respond within 0-2 business days - yourdecordiary@gmail.com.