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    If you like a simple & comfortable design- then you might appreciate Scandinavian (aka Nordic) Interior Design. It's defined by clean & geometric decor and plays with leather or wood pieces. Visually pleasing natural tones and light fur throws are . In here, we prefer sunlight over artificial lighting to keep the energy very much alive.
    On Sale From $51.99 CAD $30.99 CAD

    European and Modern – this ceramic vase is truly perfect for anyone who loves an exquisite and simple design. Featuring a white plant holder set on top of a three-legged stand, this modest table top vase provides a classy look...

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    On Sale From $33.99 CAD $25.99 CAD

    Chemistry or Geometry?  Maybe a bit of both and a dash of art! This glass test-tube vase is a fun way to decorate your desk! And, accompanied by a multi-sided geometric iron stand, this unique table décor will absolutely have...

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    From $8.99 CAD

    Planning to do some DIY interior decorating?  Add these spherical wall vases to your decorating supplies! Simply mount them on your wall and place succulents, colorful rocks, flowers, or hanging vines to bring a botanical charm on your wall! Get plenty...

    On Sale From $48.99 CAD $29.99 CAD

    Add a sophisticated touch to a table top or window sill with this ceramic marble vase! It comes with a three-legged iron stand for added stability to prevent the vase from toppling over. This modern table vase is suitable for...

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    Sold Out From $9.99 CAD

    Looking for a unique and eye-catching tabletop vase? This modern iron vase is a great choice! This black table vase is made from durable iron and comes in a variety of shapes that will absolutely add a modern touch in...

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    On Sale From $21.99 CAD $12.99 CAD

    Sometimes, it's okay if the only thing you did today was breathe.  Who doesn't experience anxiety or depression at some point? But can we take tiny steps towards healing? The answer is always yes. And in baby steps. What if...

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    On Sale From $22.99 CAD $13.99 CAD

    Love flowers but don’t have a garden to grow them? This flower wall art print is a beautiful substitute for the real thing! This plants & flowers wall art are available in many lovely designs and sizes for you to...

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