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    Classy, sleek & sophisticated. Even though you don't mind some color, neutral colors like grey and white are your forte. Natural sunlight and open spaces keep your home bright and polished. You don’t need to keep buying little pieces as long as you have a few glass or wood elements. 


    On Sale From $51.99 CAD $28.99 CAD

    Looks like on ordinary mini-moon? This one-of-a-kind lamp lights up using sophisticated technology to replicate the geographical surface of the moon. Set the right mood with this gorgeous artsy accent that is perfect for any bedroom style. It is rechargeable...

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    On Sale From $51.99 CAD $30.99 CAD

    European and Modern – this ceramic vase is truly perfect for anyone who loves an exquisite and simple design. Featuring a white plant holder set on top of a three-legged stand, this modest table top vase provides a classy look...

    On Sale
    On Sale From $83.99 CAD $30.99 CAD

    Want to make your flower arrangements stand out and look elegant! Place them in this metallic table vase! This modern table vase features a test-tube holder for your plants and flowers, set on a gold or rose-gold metal stand. Simple...

    On Sale
    On Sale $29.99 CAD $17.99 CAD

    Planning a romantic dinner outdoor? Set the mood right with this ball fairy lights! Each globe light is equipped with 50 LED bulbs for bright but soothing illumination! These battery-powered globe fairy lights provide a warm and charming lighting for...

    On Sale
    On Sale From $44.99 CAD $26.99 CAD

    Hakuna Matata; it means ‘no worries’. You sang the rest of it, didn’t you? You’re also never too old to appreciate a cub and a giraffe blowing blue bubbles as they discuss finance and politics. Bring some humor home with...

    On Sale
    On Sale Sold Out $44.99 CAD $26.99 CAD

    Are you the creative type? Bring this Lion to life with the ultimate DIY set! This unfinished art piece is extremely therapeutic and makes for a truly unique gift for a loved one. Immerse yourself in art through this fun...

    Sold Out
    On Sale $42.99 CAD $25.99 CAD

    Looking for a cute and uniquely designed vase for your live or artificial flowers? There’s no better choice than this hanging air plant terrarium vase! This fully transparent glass vase is crafted in a beautiful round shape and comes with...

    On Sale
    On Sale From $35.60 CAD $18.99 CAD

    Is it a bulb or a vase? We don’t mean to confuse you but we also bet that you didn’t think you could ever use a light bulb as a flower vase! Now, this is your chance! This modern plant...

    On Sale
    On Sale $18.99 CAD $11.99 CAD

    Love decorating? Then you shouldn’t miss this hanging terrarium glass vase! This egg-shaped glass vase will add beauty and energy to your home or office! It is designed with a wide opening on the side so you can easily add...

    On Sale
    On Sale $72.99 CAD $43.99 CAD

    Good things take time. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t just wait and let time melt away! Inspired by one of Salvador Dali’s famous artworks, this true-to-its-name and unique table clock creates the illusion of a melting clock. Light...

    On Sale
    On Sale From $33.99 CAD $25.99 CAD

    Chemistry or Geometry?  Maybe a bit of both and a dash of art! This glass test-tube vase is a fun way to decorate your desk! And, accompanied by a multi-sided geometric iron stand, this unique table décor will absolutely have...

    On Sale
    On Sale $14.99 CAD $11.99 CAD

    If you’re looking for a dainty and elegant table centerpiece, then this glass terrarium vase is the perfect choice for you! The S-shaped table stand can hold two terrarium glass orbs and will look absolutely stunning on your dining table...

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