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    Can we keep things natural? That’s how you like your home. A soft mixture of culture and natural vibes describes your habitat best. Exquisite plants and animal-inspired art are more than welcome here. From Mongolian fur to Moroccan ottomans, the world is your home and it shows.

    On Sale From $51.99 CAD $30.99 CAD

    European and Modern – this ceramic vase is truly perfect for anyone who loves an exquisite and simple design. Featuring a white plant holder set on top of a three-legged stand, this modest table top vase provides a classy look...

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    On Sale $29.99 CAD $17.99 CAD

    Planning a romantic dinner outdoor? Set the mood right with this ball fairy lights! Each globe light is equipped with 50 LED bulbs for bright but soothing illumination! These battery-powered globe fairy lights provide a warm and charming lighting for...

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    On Sale From $44.99 CAD $26.99 CAD

    Hakuna Matata; it means ‘no worries’. You sang the rest of it, didn’t you? You’re also never too old to appreciate a cub and a giraffe blowing blue bubbles as they discuss finance and politics. Bring some humor home with...

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